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Glass blunt also called glunt in short form is an exciting product which makes consumption of tobacco quite exquisite. Moreover, the Glass blunt serves as both a storage and smoking tool. Stores 2 grams of tobacco. It does not need to be filled completely to use. Each package comes with an extra glass pipe. Discreet shipping available at checkout.  Glunt sale has skyrocketed in the past years because of its simplicity.

The Traditional Glass Blunt is made with high quality, heat proof borosilicate glass. All the finest herb pipes, water bongs are made out of great quality Borosilicate glass. This variety of glass is much more resistant to thermal forces than cheaper types of glass. You won’t have to worry about stress fractures.

The glass blunt uses an ingenious sliding tube to make sure that you can finely adjust it for the the best amount of herbs when prepping it for a sesh. The shaped glass of the mouthpiece will make sure that you can keep your blunt lit and the ash out of your mouth.

Where to Get Glass blunt for Sale

The question glass blunt for sale should not be  a problem as you are on our site. It is necessary to get this product at our dispensary as you can be sure of maximum satiety. Also, let distance not be a barrier as we online sales are our highest selling platform.

Glass blunt

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